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I cannot login to the website!

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If your password does not work, please try the following suggestions.

1. All Logins Are Case Senstive
Your username and password are both CaSe SenSiTiVe. If your username is "YanksLover" it will not work if you enter it as "yankslover", you need to use the correct upper- and lowercase letters.

2. Has your membership expired? 

If your card has expired or been re-issued with a new expiry/CVV number/card number, if you have cancelled the subscription, or if the card could not be charged for any reason, your subscription may have expired. 
If you have disputed a charge with us your access is automatically closed.
If you are certain of your username you can try the password reset function, if a new password is not emailed to you, or if you see a message indicating that no such user could be found your subscription may have expired.

3. Confirm your username and password
Please consult your welcome email/receipt and verify you have the correct username/password. 
Try a password reset from the login screen, a new password will be generated and emailed to you. Remember to check your Spam folder if you don't receive the password reset email.
If you are unable to locate your welcome email/receipt, check your spam folder (for Gmail users also the GMail Categories), if you don't have it please send us a ticket.

4. Check your stored login
Most browsers let you save your login, if you have saved an incorrect login your browser may be auto-filling in the wrong username and/or password. Please delete the saved login from your browser's password manager and enter it again.

5. Clear Your Cache
It is a good idea to try clearing your browser cache and cookies, then restart the browser and try loading the site again. Below is some links on how to clear your cache and cookies for the most common browsers:
Firefox (Cache) -
Firefox (Cookies) -
Chrome (Cache) -
Chrome (Cookies) -
IE (Cache) -
IE (Cookies) -
Safari (Cache) -
Safari (Cookies) -

6.  Are you on the correct website? 

All our websites are unique and require their own subscriptions (network sites allow access to all sites on the network as listed on the site)

7. Bandwidth Limit Reached Message
In rare cases you may have reached a security limit on bandwidth use, if you have please wait until it resets, or contact us here if you believe this to be in error (ie if you have not downloaded/streamed content).

8. Connection Limit Reached Message

Turn off your third party download manager/-accelerator/website spider, and use only your browser's built in download manager, please wait until the connection limit resets.

9. None Of The Above Worked

If the above methods did not work please send us a ticket and we will help you!
Please include the site, the email address you used when you joined, and please use the same name you used when you joined.

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