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Slow Speeds on our Websites?

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We have high speed content delivery networks (CDNs) for all our sites and you should be able to download and stream if you have a modern connection.

Our websites are served from different datacenters around the world, the fastest connection will be automatically assigned to you based on your geographic location.

  • If you are using a VPN please choose a VPN service near you, you should not be choosing a USA based server unless you are located in the USA/Canada/Mexico. 
  • Try switching to a different VPN service, or turning it off altogether. 
  • Try reducing the number of downloads you have going at the same time.
  • If you are streaming in many tabs at the same time, please close the tabs you are not watching.
  • You may want to try restarting your router and the device you are using
  • If you are on a public or shared connection, for example free WiFi at a restaurant or hotel, please be aware that they will very likely be limiting the bandwidth you can use.
  • If you are using a Third Party Download Manager/-Accelerator, we do not offer support for these, please see this page.

If you still feel that your download speeds and very slow, please submit a ticket with further information so that we can look into the matter for you and get it resolved.
Please include what kind of connection you are on, if you are downloading or streaming, and what combined speeds you are getting now.

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