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Cancel My Membership

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To cancel your membership please go to this page:
If you have paid with a credit-/debit card, and are being billed by Grooby, you should be able to look up and cancel your subscription by entering your username and your email address.

Do not complete all four data fields as this can make it harder to look up your subscription.
If you enter the subscription ID the search will only show that subscription, not any others you may have.
Once you have located your subscription(s) click on the one you want to cancel. You will see a success message and you will receive an email confirmation.
If you do not see a success message, or do not receive the cancel confirmation you may not have completed the cancellation, please check to make sure. 

If you have paid through PayPal you should click on the Epoch/PayPal button and cancel through them.

You can also visit the billing provider's website and enter the appropriate information needed to edit/cancel your account.

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